Youtube like SMM tool

We guess you know that visual materials are more attractive for internet users than text ones. And video clips are out of competition. Unfortunately it`s not enough just to make a video and to upload it to the site. You also have to:

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  1. Optimize your content.
  2. Promote your video.
  3. Keep the audience.

In Q-Start web agency we know how to cope with these tasks. And we are ready to share our knowledge with you. Read the article to the end and you`ll know how to get more views and subscribers on Youtube.

Let`s start with Optimization

With no further delay let`s get to the point. To make it easy for Youtube to set your content to the proper section you need to optimize the content:

  • tags;
  • title;
  • description;
  • subtitles.

To choose the tags that describe the clip in the best way and have a frequency, we can use the search version on the site and see the suggested variations of keywords. Think of a headline to your recording.

To our mind a title should begin with the key request. It always has a positive effect on the output of the clip in the search for this key word.To advertise your channel Q-start Web specialists also advise to add previews to a video. They show what it is about, attract people`s attention and help to increase views. We always find the best combination of a title and a preview because it has great importance. They should be like a «perfect match» to each other. The icons should look good on the screens of all sizes because 50% of all the views come from smartphones.
The next step is to make a unique description of the clip. It should contain some sentences and the keywords, links to the official site, channel and social networks. It is also a good way to share your video. If somebody decides ``to borrow`` it, the description will give the information who is the owner.
With the help of subtitles people will be able to watch the video without sound .That can increase views much. Subtitles in foreign languages attract the audience from the other countries. Isn`t that an answer to your question «How to get subscribers and views on Youtube»?

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Now it`s the right time to speak about Promotion

To promote your video we also consider the behavioral factors. They are people`s actions during and after watching. An ideal procedure when a viewer watches a clip to the end, likes it, leaves a comment, shares it with friends, and after all subscribes to the channel. This perfect scenery makes a clip be shown more often and to get views. What can we do to stimulate such a kind of actions?Ask to put a like to your video and to share it. Make raffle prizes among the most active subscribers, ask people`s opinion on the topic, answer the questions of your audience, share your clips on different forums…These are the ways to get subscribers. But what if that doesn`t give you the desired result? It`s not an easy job, and it always takes too much time.
Feel free to entrust this job to professionals. We will do everything instead of you and let you enjoy the results without doing all that monotonous work.

And some words about keeping the audience

Watching time (or keeping the audience) is the total amount of time that viewers spend on watching your videos. Ideally, you should be first on this indicator. The longer people watch your recordings, the more views you'll get. To promote your video on Youtube we increase the watching time. Here are some tips from the specialists how to make people spend more time watching your clips:

  1. Place them in your playlists in an interesting sequence. Creating playlists for your videos is a way to attract viewers. This ultimately increases the viewing time and gives you a higher rating. And this is the way how you can get views.
  2. Use screensavers in your videos. The best tactic to promote your Youtube video is to use them to link to other content on your channel, which can be interesting to the audience. Try to remember this one more advise from Q-Start specialist how to share your channel.
  3. Create videos based on long-tail keywords. You can use offers from Youtube. If you orientate on long-tail key-words it will be easier to promote your video.

If you`d like to save our time and get the guaranteed result, let Q-Start specialists take on all these problems. Follow the link