What is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - a set of works on the development of the site, changing its environment, analyzing user behavior, aimed at improving existing positions on targeted queries and changing its environment, analyzing user behavior aimed at improving the already existing positions on target queries. The main purpose of SEO attracting targeted visitors to the site from search engines.

Site seo in the USA

How SEO works

1. Analysis of competitors and business areas

2. Internal site optimization

3. External site optimization

4. Analytics

All of these points are part of the process, and are necessary in order to achieve the first positions in the search engines, and attract interested customers who are looking for the right product, product or information.

How to SEO website

1. Analysis of the site, themes and competitors

Site seo in the USA

It is at this stage that a project promotion strategy and a detailed work plan are formed.

2. Formation of the primary core search queries

Now you have a promotion strategy, a work plan, a preliminary analysis of the site and sites of market leaders. At the new stage, an SEO specialist with the help of Serpstat, Wordstat and other tools for collecting search queries collects, clusters into groups, breaks the semantic core into frequency.

3. Formation of a wide site structure

Search engines are constantly improving their algorithms and show the most relevant pages for users' requests.

4. Formation of the job for internal optimization

The expert corrects errors of internal site optimization, works with the landing pages for the request groups, removes duplicate pages. For this purpose, a technical SEO audit of the site is conducted, on the basis of which the task for internal optimization is formed.

5. Content Optimization

The optimizer manually generates unique meta tags (Title, Description, Keywords) and H1 headers based on the “long tail” of search queries for those pages where it is needed. Also for the promoted pages of the site the texts are formed, including the previously collected key requests.

6. Improving usability of the site

SEO experts work on:

  • non return of the user to search results;
  • a decrease in the bounce rate;
  • increase the length of stay on the page.

7. External site optimization

The more high-quality thematic sites link to you, the more authoritative you become in the eyes of search engines.

8. Increase conversion from visitors to customers

In fact, this is a complex stage that requires knowledge of design, usability, email marketing and even the skills to create high-quality content.

9. Phased page optimization

Based on the ranking of pages for requests and analysis of traffic by categories, SEO-specialists constantly work with the structure of the site, expand it, make changes to the texts, meta tags, internal linking, external link mass of pages. This is a long process.

What is SEO marketing

In the first place is the subject of the site, starting from which, experts select keywords. Then, the selection of relevant pages and their saturation with the necessary anchors.

Internal and external website optimization is another SEO marketing profile, since these parameters allow the website to become more attractive for users. An integral part of Internet marketing, which allows competently and as soon as possible to promote the site, can be called design. Here both cross-browser compatibility, psychology of color perception, and usability are important.

External site optimization is equally important. This is another side of SEO marketing. Improve this side could link from third-party resources. However, you should not get involved in them. In pursuit of success, the proportion of quality and quantity of the citation index should be respected. Not all links are equally informative and helpful to the user. It is important that the subject of the resource is respected.

SEO marketing is quite a young discipline. It doesn’t study at universities, but in a network it is used at full speed.

What is SEO company

Every businessman who starts work online wants to get as many customers as possible and for his website to attract as much traffic as possible. SEO specialists from the Q-Start can help with this task.

There are duties of our specialists:

  • conduct an Audit and Analysis of site usability
  • analyze competitors;
  • develop promotion strategies
  • improve the web resource to increase the amount of time spent on it by the client
  • track algorithm changes and adapt the site
  • create reports for clients (behavioral factors, traffic sources, etc.)

As you can see, SEO is a combination of analytical work with monitoring of innovations, as well as work on the result.

Q-Start uses a "White" SEO: it does not harm the site, is quite an objective and the only method of promotion, positively perceived by search engines. You should try to be more attentive to the choice of the team: read reviews, pay attention to the duration of the activity, how many years the company has been promoting websites, and the work methodology. Choose a competent SEO-specialists, and you will not have to think more about how to promote your site. We provide our services in America, especially in Texas and Florida and have the ground here, in USA. Almost all americans took our point and unite with us. We produce all necessary work for a small amount of time. We are those for who need you! Q-Start helps you to earn more!